infrastructure as a code sodalite blog
Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is a novel paradigm that makes system administrators’ work quite similar to the work of programmers. In fact, today system administrators (sysadmins) do not have to manually perform the provisioning, configuration, and deployment processes as they can exploit some IaC languages to write pieces of code which automate such processes and can be executed more and more times.
semantic technologies sodalite blog
A short introduction to Semantic Technologies, and SODALITE’s approach for their application in the software engineering domains.
xopera sodalite blog
This article reveals some of the advantages that xOpera can offer as orchestrator. Our partners from XLAB are the authors of this article which we hope you can enjoy the read and learn new things about this agile orchestrator.
orchestration on cloud and hpc blog
Cloud optimizes High Performance Computers performance and enables new development architectures.
sodalite blog actors and use cases
The SODALITE vision is to support Digital Transformation of European Industry through increasing design and runtime effectiveness of software-defined infrastructures, to ensure high-performance execution over dynamic heterogeneous execution environments. As a result of these facts, SODALITE will increase simplicity of modelling applications and infrastructures, to improve manageability, collaboration, and time to market.