The new TU-Automotive, which was relaunched in September 2018, is a digital community providing the auto tech industry with extensive daily news and analysis coverage through digital publishing that aligns directly with TU-Automotive’s events portfolio.

In 2019, SODALITE project found interest about this event and had a booth during 29 and 30 October, 2019. 

Our partners from Adaptant Solutions AG launched its KnowGo Platform and driving #App, KnowGo Car at TU-Automotive Europe, the largest auto tech event in #Europe.

KnowGo is Adaptant’s privacy-enabling adaptive data management and services platform, with KnowGo Car designed specifically for Connected Cars and Smartphone-based Telematics. The platform uses SODALITE technology to drive optimisation of privacy-preserving distributed processing for data- and latency-sensitive vehicle IoT applications to deliver services that can smoothly navigate across heterogeneous environments, data types and cross-border regulatory environments, from Edge to Cloud.