In this virtual exhibition, our intention was fostering the networking and business area of the ISC in spite of the physical cancellation due to the covid19. The booth was totally interactive and offering all the features/services of a physical booth. The future of technologies will drive us to manage more than one virtual event...In SODALITE, we just simply started earlier!

We offered our stakeholders the possibilty of downloading the poster presented by our collegaues from CRAY HPE in the conference area. 

What else? Our experts on different domains such HPC, IoT and IPR/GDPR conflicts in autonomous vechicles, cloud computing, semantic web technologies and orchestration in complex systems were available over 2 slots, morning and afternoon to welcome our visitors and solve possible questions about the project. Last but not least, we cannot forget about the webinar, a demos walkthrough over the demonstrators of our toolset, which make possible the deployment and performance of SODALITE solution...

There was much more, stay tuned because more information and details from marketing and impact point of view related to this virtual booth are coming soon!