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This is the second webinar of SODALITE, this time the objective is showing the tools used to deploy and make it possible the solution to easy developers processes.

SODALITE WEBINAR 2: Demos Walthrough

Heterogeneous Edge Gateways
Within the SODALITE H2020 project, one of the areas we are focusing on is the deployment of optimized containers with accelerator-specific ML models for Edge-based inference across heterogeneous Edge Gateways in a Connected Vehicle Fleet.

Deploying Across Heterogeneous Edge Gateways in Kubernetes

In this webinar, the main advantages of SODALITE will be outlined as well as its solution which aims to easy the way developers can deploy applications in HPC, Cloud and Edge complex context.

SODALITE WEBINAR:An approach to HPC, Cloud and software defined solutions

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SODALITE is solving the deployment problem over the existing infrastructure, with particular focus on


Journal of Software: Practice and Experience

Volume49, Issue5, May 2019

Pages 813-839

SDSN@RT: A middleware environment for single-instance multi tenant cloud application

2019 IEEE International Conference on Services Computing (SCC) in Milan (Italy)

FM4SN: A Feature-Oriented Approach to Tenant-Driven Customization of Multi-Tenant Service Networks

2019 IEEE International Congress on Big Data (BigDataCongress) in Milan (Italy).

AIOps for a Cloud Object Storage Service

IEEE International Conference on Cloud Networking, 4-6 November 2019 in Coimbra (Portugal).

A Case for Data Centre Traffic Management on Software Programmable Ethernet Switches

2019 IEEE International Congress on Big Data (BigDataCongress), pp. 85-92. IEEE, 2019 in Milan (Italy).

HyperSpark: A Data-Intensive Programming Environment for Parallel Metaheuristics.

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SODALITE is building a scalable tool to exploit the mountain images from web cams and user photos to estimate the snow pack in predict water availability in Alpine lakes.

Predicting water availability with online web cams and user generated photos

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Download and play with our code!!

Here you can find all the code development of the SODALITE project.

The project aims to simplify modelling of application and infrastructure with a focus on performance of deployed applications.

Slide Github

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SODALITE featured in HiPEAC Magazine

The last HiPEAC 2021 Conference, a workshop with the Heterogeneity Alliance and much more is shared in this chapter at the HiPEAC Info Magazine 62 edition


The back-end for practically any new software application domain, from healthcare to aerospace, is in the data centre.

The SODALITE architecture

How Does It Work?

“The SODALITE Technology”

How does it work

A powerfull Stack


a powerfull stack

Mark Parsons
Professor at EPCC at The University of Edinburgh

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Andreas Metzger

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