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press release 2

The second press release of SODALITE is here!


The HiPEAC conference is one of the biggest European forums for experts in computer architecture, programming models, compilers and operating systems for embedded and general-purpose systems.

Heterogeneity Alliance Meeting in HiPEAC 2020

heterogeneity alliance sodalite blog

In recent years, the global market has seen a tremendous rise in utility computing, which serves as the back-end for practically any new technology, methodology or application-level advancement, from healthcare to aerospace.

SODALITE is the new member of the Heterogeneity Alliance

skydive in sodalite blog

One aspect of Sodalite is to monitor the usage of the resources on a Cluster and to use that information to adjust applications and their deployment to improve their performance.

Network Monitoring and Analysis in a Cluster Environment

The structure of the feed-forward artificial deep neural network (DNN)
Artificial Intelligence, the attempt to create an intelligent agent, gained popularity with the success of AlexNet for image recognition in 2012. The proposed combination of stacked neural networks (called Deep Neural network) and the use of GPUs to drastically reduce network training times compared to previous iterations, led to a boom in the use of such networks for image recognition and speech recognition.

Graph compilers for artifical intelligence training and inference

the meaning of software engineering sodalite blog

This post is about Software Engineering and its perception in the technical field. You may remember that we launched a survey, where we tried to identify and better understand the role of Software Engineering in different technology sectors.

The conceptual meaning of software engineering-survey

code smells in infrastructure as a code sodalite blog
Infrastructure as code (IaC) simplify the provision and configuration of the IT infrastructure at scale. Enterprises are increasingly adopting IaC. For example, Intercontinental Exchange, who owns exchanges for financial and commodity markets, and operates 12 regulated exchanges and marketplaces, maintains 75% of its 20,000 servers using IaC scripts [1]. As the size and complexity of the IaC projects increase, it is critical to maintain the code and design quality of IaC Scripts.

Code Smells in Infrastructure as Code

Kamil presenting
Our partners from HLRS presented a paper in the last IEEE International Conference on Cloud Networking in Coimbra, Portugal.

IEEE International Conference on Cloud Networking 2019


An innovative tool demonstrator which enables the capillary observation of the continuous health status of mountain environments supporting social engagement of societies in software-aided continuous monitoring of Alpine regions.

Snow Water

mobile vehicle

An innovative system demonstrator that enables data from heterogeneous sources (principally IoT devices) to be spread across a distributed processing architecture in line with end-user expectations (e.g. response time for contextualised service offerings) and needs (privacy preferences).

Download the use case

Vehicle IoT Use Case


Assessment and decision-support system for spinal operations consisting of a data store component, capable of providing efficient data access from heterogeneous compute resources and simulation process chain facilitating comprehensive data analytics for in-silico clinical trials.

In-silico clinical trials for spinal operations

The new TU-Automotive, which was relaunched in September 2018, is a digital community providing the auto tech industry with extensive daily news and analysis coverage through digital publishing that aligns directly with TU-Automotive’s events portfolio.  


IBM Researchers participated in a Skydive Hackathon which took place on 2-4 October (2019).

Skydive Hackathon by IBM

general assembly picture 2
After the Summer, the SODALITE Consortium met in Milano on its second General Assembly.

SODALITE General Assembly #2

infrastructure as a code sodalite blog
Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is a novel paradigm that makes system administrators’ work quite similar to the work of programmers. In fact, today system administrators (sysadmins) do not have to manually perform the provisioning, configuration, and deployment processes as they can exploit some IaC languages to write pieces of code which automate such processes and can be executed more and more times.

A preliminary analysis of Infrastructure as Code (IaC) in open source repositories

semantic technologies sodalite blog
A short introduction to Semantic Technologies, and SODALITE’s approach for their application in the software engineering domains.

Semantic Technologies in the Cloud and HPC domains